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There are many times in our business that the reality of how important our work is to others come into play, the creation of this future heirloom tiara speaks volume to the trust our clients have in us and our ability to bring even the most challenging design to fruition.

This stunning tiara was created as a piece that will be gifted to relatives in Europe to honor the generations of European immigrants that came to America. Two years in the making, the project took 15 artisans over two and half months to bring this work of art to its excited recipient. Each gem is representative of a family member, diamonds, sapphires, garnets, pearls, yellow citrine, and peridot with the aquamarine featured as the center stone.

The tiara consists of 14kt white gold with a total of 95-gram weight, cast in six separate pieces and meticulously put together by hand in two different states, with eight carats of diamond and 15 carats of precious gemstones.

We couldn't be more proud of the team that created and delivered this exquisite generational heirloom to its awaiting family.

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